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Service & Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your HVAC system is important. We highly recommend our Kent Discount Club for regular preventive maintenance and service to ensure occupant safety, increase equipment longevity, enjoy energy savings, and minimize breakdowns, among other benefits.

The Importance of Service & Maintenance 

Fall Tuneup

Furnace Problems

The two videos below depict dangerous furnace problems. Kent Heating and Air Conditioning uses cameras, advanced diagnostic equipment, and extensive training to service your system and ensure our customers' safety and health. 

Residential Furnace Problem & The Importance of Proper Maintenance

The flame rollout in a sooted up heat exchanger in a 90%+ efficient residential furnace. The heat exchanger, or furnace, must be replaced, and the dangerous condition is caused by lack of proper maintenance. 

Dangerous Cracked Heat Exchanger in Furnace

The flame rollout caused by a crack in the heat exchanger. The flame rollout and “ghosting” in the burner indicates a dangerous crack or hole in that chamber.

We could not be happier with our new furnace, A/C, and zone thermostat. If we had known how much more comfortable these things would make our home, we would have made these purchases sooner. Thank you! —David & Tina B.

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