What They're NOT Telling You About So-Called "Energy Saving" Cooling Systems

For years, we've been told to "seal" our homes for maximum efficiency. Breakthrough technology reveals the truth...

It turns out that all this "sealing in" of our homes to reduce energy bills has a sickening drawback:

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology says we're simply "recycling" the same bacteria over and over. This condition leads to "...up to 50% of allergic reactions are caused by polluted indoor air." It also explains why when one family member gets sick, you just pass the illness around.

Is it worth all this to save a few dollars on energy? We didn't think so, and did some research. Now, I'm happy to report finding something that many would call a breakthrough:

Lower energy bills without the sickening side effects. Is this even possible?

See, this new system constantly exchanges healthy outdoor air, while being able to cool your home and save between 14-22% on energy right away. (Not just a claim; my bold guarantee is below.)

This new system includes a powerful air cleaner that filters up to 95% of airborne contaminants...down to microscopic levels! It is quiet, efficient and healthier to run. We are very excited about this new system, and want you to hear more about it.

We'd love to share this news with you during a completely FREE, no-obligation Energy Survey. It'll take a few minutes, but we promise to make it worth your time, and will even bring a $100 gift certificate with us, no matter what. No obligation of any kind.

Look at All You Can Get with this New Healthy Air Cooling System -

  • Mountain-Fresh Air Indoors. Your indoor air could be making your family sick. Headaches, asthma, coughing and other flu-like symptoms can be caused by indoor air pollution.
  • Guaranteed Energy Savings. Not many companies put this in writing, but we guarantee you'll save at least 15% on your energy bill over the first year or we'll write you a check for the difference.
  • 10 Year Parts Guarantee. This new system is so reliable that we guarantee you can't spend a penny on repair parts for 10 solid years.

"Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?"

Unfortunately, most contractors only know how to cool or heat the air, regardless of the health concerns...and to do it as cheaply as possible. We've taken a different approach that's still economical, but far healthier.

We'll be glad to show you how you can cool your home for less money and stay healthier too! You'll breathe easier just knowing. Just fill out this form online, email us at info@kentheatingandac.com, or give us a call at (219) 464-9181 in Porter County or (219) 736-0300 in Lake County.

Bonus:  For the next 30 who schedule a Free Energy Survey, we'll issue you an $820.00 discount to get your honest opinions about this remarkable, healthy advancement in your home's comfort.  We really value your input. Contact us today!

You all were terrific, prompt, courteous, and you saved us in the middle of that heat wave. —Donald & Margaret M.

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