The Mechanics of Furnace Maintenance

It’s just one of the facts of adult life: if you’ve invested in any type of mechanical equipment – such as a car, boat, plane, submarine, military tank or 18 wheeler, you’re going to want to make sure it’s maintained. Well, most of us don’t have several things on that list. (If you’ve got a tank parked in the driveway, I hope you’re on a military base!)

But most of us do have very valuable types of mechanical equipment in our homes that provide comfort, require safe operation, represent a significant investment and could be a source of financial drain as well as a risk to health and home if not properly maintained.

This season, your furnace is standing between you and the outdoor cold. Its safe operation is standing between your family and carbon monoxide leaks. And its continued service and care is standing between you and an untimely repair or replacement expense.

A routine tune-up is one of the best investments you can make to ensure continued comfort and safety while also reducing energy expenses and protecting against undetected CO leaks. In a sense, a tune-up turns back the hand of time, restoring your system to a newer condition. By doing so, efficiency improves – which helps your energy bill. Operational reliability improves – which maintains your comfort on cold nights. And safety is assured – which maintains your peace of mind.

Here are the basics of what a tune-up involves:

  • Checking thermostat settings for consistent, reliable comfort
  • Tightening electrical connections for safe operation and preserving equipment life
  • Lubricating all moving parts to reduce friction in motors and decrease electrical usage
  • Checking system controls to ensure proper and safe operation so that it will start, operate and shut off properly
  • Checking gas or oil connections, gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchangers. Improper operation can be a fire or health hazard

Schedule your tune-up today. Just call or email, and we’ll take care of you.

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