Finding a Way to Beat the Energy Increase

It seems each year, things are getting more and more expensive and energy prices are continuously on the rise. Last Winter was no exception. In fact, it was quite shocking just how much energy prices had increased.

With another Winter fast approaching, it’s a good time to figure out how to beat the almost certain energy increase this year. Just consider how much of your money goes to Energy Companies or Mideast Oil Producers instead of staying in your pocket.

How to Save

The simplest way to save money overall is to replace your old worn-out unit with a new high efficiency one.

The demand for high efficiency items is increasing and basic economics tells you when supply doesn’t meet demand, prices go up. The best time to get a super-efficient heating and cooling system is before the winter price increase. After that, it’s only a matter of time before the manufacturers raise prices. By replacing your unit now, not only will you beat the near-certain price increase on new units later, but you will also save money on energy costs each month.

Another way to be sure you save this winter is to have a Free Energy Analysis done on your home. Your unit may not need replacing right now. You may simply need a trained professional to suggest some free ways to save energy.

To schedule your Free Energy Analysis, just fill out this form online, email us at or call today at Porter County: (219) 464-9181 or Lake County (219) 736-0300.

You all were terrific, prompt, courteous, and you saved us in the middle of that heat wave. —Donald & Margaret M.

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