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We've been Northwest Indiana's trusted heating and air conditioning installation experts for over 65 years. Your complete trust, comfort, and satisfaction is our goal when we design a new, high-efficiency indoor comfort system for you that delivers! We specialize in cost-effective heating and cooling solutions, including natural gas, propane and electric furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, geothermal heat pumps, electric heat pumps, and properly sized, high performance duct systems. We're proud to deliver exceptional indoor comfort solutions to our valued clients each and every time.

Step 1 System Design

Unfortunately, few companies installing HVAC systems in new homes today perform a Manual J load calculation to determine the equipment size, duct sizing, and ventilation needed, among other factors.  Since 1983, Kent's design specialists begin by performing a Manual J load calculation on your home to determine the exact size of equipment and duct work your home needs based on many factors including, but not limited to, required ASHRAE Standard 62 ventilation rates for healthy air, R-values, square footage of walls, roof, and floor, window sizes and direction they face, air flow required, and more.

Once this is determined, we provide you with customized solutions on different system options to meet your comfort, budget, filtration, and energy-efficiency needs.

Step 2 Custom Ductwork

When your selections are made we design a custom-fabricated duct system that is not only sized for proper delivery of air at a whisper quiet sound level, but is also designed to deliver the proper amount of air to designated areas within the home to prevent temperature differentials.

We do not purchase pre-fabricated duct for your home that other companies use, which forces them into installation practices unacceptable to Kent’s Quality Standards and accepted industry standards. Our duct designs allow the furnace blower to operate at or above factory specifications. This means less premature heat exchanger failures, less energy used, and decreased blower motor failures due to undersized ductwork.

Step 3 Installation 

Once the design is approved, it's time for the installation in a timely, professional manner. We work with you to coordinate our installation with the other trades building your home, and work to deliver the finest new construction installations in the area.

Once the furnace and evaporator coil are set in place, our technicians custom fabricate 100% of your duct system in our fully-outfitted sheet metal shop, then install the custom-fabricated duct system in your home. We highly recommend a Kent exclusive high-performance duct system, which is sealed with high quality duct sealant (mastic) to prevent unhealthy, energy wasting infiltration. All ductwork in unconditioned areas is insulated and sealed with the latest materials for maximum energy efficiency. We do not use ineffective duct tape or aluminum tape to seal our duct systems.

If an unusual routing of the duct is necessary, our technicians fabricate custom fittings other companies can't or don't know how to make as required to complete a professional job that delivers proper amounts of clean and conditioned air where you need it. We don’t take “shortcuts” with inexpensive prefabricated fittings that choke air flow, create noise, and ultimately cause mechanical failure that other companies must use.

Our technicians clean their work area daily once work is completed so a safe, quality, professional job site is maintained for you.

We could not be happier with our new furnace, A/C, and zone thermostat. If we had known how much more comfortable these things would make our home, we would have made these purchases sooner. Thank you! —David & Tina B.

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Kent Heating and Air Conditioning has a reputation for trust, quality and superior service that has continued since 1954.

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