Indoor Air Quality

Did you know the average person breathes over 11,500 quarts of air per day? True, and when I first heard it, I wondered how clean the air is that I breathe. After all, doctors and researchers are finding out more each day about how the smallest of particulates and other pollutants are of great concern when it comes to a person's health.

Since people spend the majority of their lives inside their homes and buildings, clean indoor air with low levels of dust, particulates and contaminants, such as VOC's, and the right level of humidity is vital for day-to-day health and comfort.

Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. listens to your concerns, looks to find the source of these contaminants, then offers practical solutions that make a difference in the air you breathe.  As an added bonus, we go "beyond the box" to stop the sources of these contaminants.

Kent can help!

Enjoy Clean, Healthy Indoor Air & Energy Savings

If you want cleaner, healthier indoor air along with lower utility costs, we can help supply and install the latest Lennox "Healthy Climate" air filtration systems and air decontaminating UV lamps, General-Aire dehumidifiers, and Lennox "Healthy Climate" humidifiers. Of course, we work to detect and stop the source of these indoor contaminants prior to recommending a filtration system.

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Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous gas that you can’t see, smell or taste, and can build up in enclosed spaces in your home. Our technicians know how to test using the latest technology, and where to look for possible leaks, faulty equipment, and other conditions that can be contaminating your home and family with this deadly poisonous gas.

We could not be happier with our new furnace, A/C, and zone thermostat. If we had known how much more comfortable these things would make our home, we would have made these purchases sooner. Thank you! —David & Tina B.

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Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

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Kent Heating and Air Conditioning has a reputation for trust, quality and superior service that has continued since 1954.

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