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If your energy bill is going "through the roof," you need someone you can trust to find out where the problems are and to design a strategic plan to correct the problems based on your safety and your highest rate of return on your investment. Count on Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, the most experienced and trusted name in indoor comfort and energy-saving services since 1954.

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Step 1 Find the Problems

We guarantee we will find sources of energy loss, if any are present. That's because we don't just “guess” on your home like many heating and air conditioning contractors do. We don't recommend a new 95% efficient furnace or an 18 SEER air conditioner if you don't need one. In fact, most equipment we see installed never achieves the energy savings the customer thought he or she was buying. How is this possible? We’ll tell you more about it later.

Step 2 Repair the Problems

We have the trained personnel to repair sources of energy loss. Once sources of energy loss are identified, our technicians have the know-how to repair problems because many of them repaired their own home or another employee‘s home as part of their training, and receive regular training from Comfort Institute on the latest techniques to perform energy-saving repairs.

Like you, we are interested in the facts. Instead of “guessing,” we use the most advanced test equipment available, such as infiltrometer blower doors, to pinpoint the source of high energy bills for you. That builds value for you, and pride among our employee team for a job well done knowing they did their best.

So how is it that people install high-efficiency equipment, but never see the savings? Because they‘re not considering the entire home‘s performance. Learn about the Three Sources of High Energy Bills.

The workers that came out were very patient and courteous and clean. You could not even tell work was done! We highly recommend your company to other people as often as we can! —Frederick & Kathy F.

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Kent Heating and Air Conditioning has a reputation for trust, quality and superior service that has continued since 1954.

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