Give YOURSELF the Gift of "No-Worry" Comfort

  • Upgrade your "over-the-hill" air conditioner and/or furnace or boiler with a new reliable, energy efficient system - and get a $420 trade-in!  Plus, special financing is available to qualified buyers.

Old Flame

Are you counting on your over-the-hill cooling system this summer?

Why risk being in a "sweat box" when your "over-the-hill" cooling system suddenly breaks down and is diagnosed as unfixable?

Air conditioning breakdowns can be dangerous - especially when there are infants or seniors at home. And according to recent advance weather forecasts, THIS YEAR is shaping up to be MUCH HOTTER than last year.

Today's Cooling Systems: Consume Less Electricity, Cool Very Efficiently and Give Peace of Mind Reliability

If you've been thinking about replacing your air conditioning or heating system, give us a call at 464.9181 or 736.0300. Let us check out your entire cooling system from top to bottom with a no-obligation Energy Survey. Then you'll know if the air conditioner, furnace or boiler just needs a simple tune-up, some minor repairs or... if equipment replacement makes sense.

That's why I'm writing to you today. If you DO need new equipment - as the hot weather and high electric utility bills really settle in - now is the best time to upgrade. Because this is when Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. has our Pre-Season Cooling Equipment Super Sale.

Save TWO ways, right now:

  1. Until May 31, 2019, get a trade-in of up to $420 on your old air conditioner and/or furnace or boiler - whether it's working or not. New systems provide "Kent Difference" cooling and dehumidified comfort and include the latest in high performance, energy efficient models available today.
  2. Enjoy your new system for FREE for 18 months with 18 months no interest, minimum monthly payment financing to qualified buyers. So you save on energy, enjoy peace of mind that comes with reliability, and take pleasure in the enhanced comfort a new Lennox comfort system provides.

Schedule today and receive a $420 trade-in and special financing on old equipment... until May 31, 2019.

Now there's no real excuse for not replacing that "over-the-hill" air conditioner, furnace or boiler. So call 464.9181 or 736.0300 today to schedule your free, no-obligation Energy Survey. We may discover your system just needs a simple tune-up to keep you warm and cozy this Winter.

The workers that came out were very patient and courteous and clean. You could not even tell work was done! We highly recommend your company to other people as often as we can! —Frederick & Kathy F.

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