Do You Know This Dark and Dirty Secret?

Some would rather I did NOT tell you how to get $147.00 of time and money-saving value for just $87.00, but here goes...

Have you heard?

A lot of folks in my business don't want me to talk about this topic, but when I say dirty, I mean it.

The real reason your heating and cooling fails prematurely or just breaks (at the worst time) is not age. Or brand. Or always fiddling with the thermostat. None of those.

The #1 reason for system failure is dirt. Yes, dirt that gets into some small, complex and costly parts and shuts your system down. This means...

A potentially expensive call to get it repaired. Or a far more expensive call to replace it.

Now you know why others don't mention it, but the truth is the truth. Yet, a skilled tune-up for preventive maintenance, plus a thorough cleaning, can save you a small fortune in repairs and energy. It can also help you avoid a big expense.

That's why Kent Heating and Air Conditioning is making an effort to let this secret out of the bag.

At Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, we feel it is our ethical duty to show you how to: A) Save money, B) Save time and C) Save you hassle and headaches. And you can help us help you by clicking to schedule our 21-Point "Energy Saver" Tune-Up. Here's why...

    • Your system gets fully cleaned, adjusted and reset to industry specs. It's the same principle as servicing your car on a regular basis. It keeps it running in tip-top shape and helps you pinpoint any trouble spots. (A $98 value.)
    • You'll get a carbon monoxide test on your system. This is an odorless gas that puts families in real risk if not detected. (A $49.00 value, plus a priceless life-saving possibility.)
    • Bonus! Extra savings... If you have more than one heating system, we will perform the same multi-point tune up at the same residence for only $81.00 for the second unit and only $77.00 for the third and additional heating units! I mean, how can you lose there?

So, that's $147.00 of value for just $87.00. Why? 1) We have a small window right now to take on new business, so now is a great time, and 2) We hope you'll try us out and tell several thousand friends!

Now that the secret's out, take the logical step in true home comfort. Keep your system maintained and keep it healthy.

Just fill out this form online, email us at or give us a call at 219.464.9181 or 219.736.0300. It really is that simple!

We could not be happier with our new furnace, A/C, and zone thermostat. If we had known how much more comfortable these things would make our home, we would have made these purchases sooner. Thank you! —David & Tina B.

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