It's Prep Time


Within the next few weeks, our phones here at Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. will start ringing off the hook with emergency service requests. Homeowners in our area will be turning on their air conditioners for the first time and realize that something’s not right.

Rust, scale, and gunk have been building up in your system since you switched it off last winter. What's more, your fittings have loosened, and those damper doors might not be sealing as they should.

We don't want this to happen to you. So, it’s time to prep! You can avoid being caught off guard by a system that can’t keep up with properly cooling your home. You can avoid having your home’s cooling system completely break down and fail prematurely. And you can avoid high energy bills too, all with a simple phone call. Here's how:

CALL Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for our famous Multi-Point "Energy Saver" Tune-up. Your system gets fully cleaned, adjusted and reset to factory specs. This is already a $69 bargain that’ll shave "free money" off your energy bill!

Dirt - which means a lack of maintenance – is the number one cause of cooling system failures. The folks who make those emergency service requests I mentioned earlier are usually the ones who have a very old system or have failed to perform regular maintenance. Don’t let that be you.

Get prepared for the season ahead so that you can enjoy home comfort and energy savings all season long. The discounted tune-up is just $69 until while time slots are available.

Just fill out this form online, email us at, or give us a call at 219.464.9181 today.

You all were terrific, prompt, courteous, and you saved us in the middle of that heat wave. —Donald & Margaret M.

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