Summer Is Finally Here

Thank Goodness Summer Is Finally Here!  (I was beginning to wonder.) However –

Are you 100% sure your cooling system will make it through another summer? Here's a way to eliminate the risk...

Since my business depends on the weather, we pay lots of attention to weather predictions. I'm no alarmist, but this summer is being widely reported to have far higher than normal temperatures and humidity, especially with all the rain we've had!

So cooling systems that "got by" last season are likely doomed. And we get the bulk of our calls when systems are straining the hardest to keep up with the heat. These breakdowns often occur on THE hottest days. Believe me, this isn’t good or bad luck; it's fact.

Why we're doing this now.  Last summer, we saved our customers tons of money and aggravation by offering air conditioning precision tune-up cleanings at low "off-season" prices. This allowed me to replace worn-out parts and repair problems for my customers before they became knee-jerk emergencies. Plus, the energy savings they experienced kept their hard-earned money away from the utility company. It's about being prepared.

This summer we're doing it again.  Kent Heating and Air Conditioning knows that hot, humid weather is on the way, and with the cool spring our experience tells us it could arrive with a surprising fury.

Protect yourself no matter what: You can get our Multi-Point Super-Tune on your air conditioning system for only $85.00 until our time slots are full. This thorough analysis by one of our professional technicians will tell you whether your system needs a simple adjustment, tune-up, or repair. In some cases, maybe a replacement makes sense, but there’s no reason to jump in too deep yet.

Either way you win.  If your system just needs a tune-up or repair, we'll take care of that for you AND give you a 15% discount on the repair work. And if you decide new equipment is right, then you’ve got a nice discount on that, too, with our exclusive $420.00 unit trade-in offer. Call us now to make sure we get you on the books for the $85.00 Multi-Point Super-Tune so you can start saving today!

Make sure we get you on the books for the Free Summer Cooling System and Energy Analysis BEFORE July 31st. Just fill out this form online, email us at, or give us a call at 464.9181 or 736.0300.

Especially pleased to receive a message from Mr. Kent thanking us for the business and making sure everything went well. —Kathy C.

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