Keep Your Family Healthy This Winter

And Save On Your Heating Bills at the Same Time

COLD AND FLU SEASON IS HERE! As you may know, that’s not because the temperature dropped; it’s because we spend more time indoors with dry air where we’re sharing germs. Our respiratory systems work harder in the dry air.

When our respiratory systems have to work harder to filter out dirt and debris, we’re more susceptible to colds. With that in mind, it’s more important now than ever to ensure the air being circulated through the vents in your home is clean.

Even if you keep a very clean home, your home’s heating system will naturally build up dirt throughout the year. You haven’t done anything wrong, but you should do something about it.  

Now that winter is here, help your family ward off colds and the flu as best you can by ensuring your home’s air is clean. We’ll help you by cleaning your heating system and tuning it to factory specifications.

The professionals at Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. will perform a multi-point seasonal tune-up for smooth, efficient running, plus a full system safety check to keep you healthy and safe. These services are typically $109, but for a very limited time, Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. will fine-tune and clean your heating system for just $90.

You’ll not only have improved indoor air quality, but you may ward off BIG BILLS for preventable repairs or replacing your heating system. Cleaning and tuning your heating system can actually prolong its life and help it function more efficiently.

So, take advantage of this Winter Heating System Tune-up and Safety Check to kick off our 66th year, regularly $109, now just $90 and live in comfort and all winter (hopefully cold and virus free!).


Just fill out this form online, email us at or give us a call at 219-464-9181 today.

You all were terrific, prompt, courteous, and you saved us in the middle of that heat wave. —Donald & Margaret M.

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