Finally: Local Contractor Speaks Out Against Gimmicks

Oh, boy. This ought to be good…

I'm about tired of it. Everybody seems to have a gimmick, a deal, a "better than great" offer that absolutely ends at midnight tonight. I've been in business for a long time, and I can tell you exactly who really pays for each and every one of these: You do.

Nobody's giving anything away. Nobody's got the deal of the century without some "hidden" hook. Sure, I understand marketing and all that, but my Dad also taught me to understand truth for truth's sake.

So my "offer" to you below is really what we do, all the time. We're as regular as clockwork, about as precise and equally dependable. We think you'll appreciate this approach far more. In fact, there are thousands of Northwest Indiana homeowners who enjoy getting…

  • 24 Hour Service - When you need it. Where you need it. Your stuff doesn't break on schedule, so why should we make you wait until it's convenient for us? We're here to help, and help now.
  • Hassle Free Maintenance Agreement Plans - A home maintenance plan means your tune-ups and preventive services happen on "autopilot." Get started now. It's just a phone call away.
  • 15% Energy Savings Guarantee - Many contractors "promise" savings, but don't put it in writing. At Kent Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we do! You either save 15% on your new heating and cooling system in the first year over your old system or we write you a check for the difference. Period.
  • Kent's $420.00 Trade-in Offer - Get a $420.00 trade-in on your old air conditioner, furnace, and/or boiler. No limit per household. Residential only.
  • Up-Front Pricing - You get our price before we start the work. No surprises, just honesty.
  • Free Energy Survey - Want to know how many energy dollars you can put back in your pocket? We can tell you... completely free of charge. We'll do this for you, friends, neighbors... we're not picky! This is our business and we're happy to share ways to help you save time, money and headaches.

You see, I don't have a "special" for you. I already think my customers are special enough to be treated fairly, quickly, honestly and professionally. This is how we've done it for the last 65 years. And hopefully for the next 65.

I really want you to join our "family" of customers.

Since you may not know me or our company, I want you to have some comfort in calling us. For your next heating or cooling need - whatever it may be - consider this your "coupon" for service. It's worth $33.00 on your next service repair, or entitles you to a 2019 air conditioner tune-up for only $85!

No gimmicks, no tricks, no whiz-bang giveaways. Just honest service from an honest company interested in solving your home maintenance worries. Just fill out this form online, email us at, or give us a call at 219.464.9181 or 736.0300.

The workers that came out were very patient and courteous and clean. You could not even tell work was done! We highly recommend your company to other people as often as we can! —Frederick & Kathy F.

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