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Geothermal Division

Think energy efficiency.

Geothermal systems use technology known as ground source heat pumps to make the transfer of hot and cool air more efficient.

Because the system works with the relative temperature of the earth instead of the variable temperatures above ground, geothermal heating and cooling systems use 40-60% less energy than conventional systems.

Why Geothermal?

  • Homeowners receive superior energy ratings
  • Deliver comfortable air year-round, regardless of the temperature outdoors
  • Low operating and lifecycle costs
  • Energy efficient
  • Clean
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Requires lower maintenance than traditional heating/cooling systems
  • Quiet and compact, typically installed in a basement (up north, not in an attic)
  • Geothermal installations without destroying lawns are a Kent specialty utilizing our horizontal directional boring equipment
  • Kent’s horizontal directional boring allows geothermal installations on small city lots

Kent's Geothermal Division is certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and ClimateMaster in all aspects of geothermal design, installation, and service. This is an important step in the installation and operation of geothermal systems, and we bring our services to you with the utmost professionalism, open communication, reliability and 24/7/365 service.

We’re committed to keeping you informed. View our Water Quality Standards document for details about preserving your water quality, and why we believe closed-loop systems are your best and wisest choice.

Supplemental Hot Water System

Geothermal systems can pre-heat water entering into your water heater, a proven technology that can reduce your utility costs and your energy consumption. Without compromising any convenience, you can enjoy water heated to the same temperature as that provided with conventional system but at a fraction of the cost. Adding this feature to your geothermal system ensures you’ll have a “green” hot water system year round and an investment that pays for itself in a few years.

Solar Energy Systems

A solar energy system, also known as a photovoltaic (PV) system cuts monthly utility costs by generating power on-site for your consumption. With Federal Tax Credits and some local rebates available, a PV system can be an affordable option for your home or building. Solar power is a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice for improving the value of your home while reducing your carbon footprint.

Geothermal systems definitely are a significant investment for consumers and building owners. However, heating and cooling costs are projected to continue to rise, and people are learning about the technology and recognizing the benefits it offers. In fact, there is no other comparable geothermal system with a 20 plus year life expectancy, and the closed earth loop comes with a 10 year parts and labor warranty. There is no other system that offers a lower life-cycle cost than closed-loop geothermal.

It's exciting to be part of a worldwide industry that promotes a sustainable, responsible, energy-efficient technology that is also good for the environment and your comfort needs.

Call Kent Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn how you can save as much as 60% on your utility costs!



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